Huge amounts of money and time wasted while treating infertility without success and tengible results, yelds only one thing - unprofessional and outdated intertility treatment used and low qualification of medical specialist.

Technological progress and scientific achievements  bring clarity to the questions we couldn’t answer few years ago. For the doctors and patients biotechnological innovation translates into 1.saved finances, 2. Saved time, 3. Successful treatment and 4. Achieved result –New, Healthy Family!

At the conference you'll be able to meet our distinguished speakers, international expert in the field of reproductive health. We expect you to share ideas and discuss the topics of your interest. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and explore further the guidelines and recommendations of professional associations (EU and USA), while discovering new solutions available in this very fast developing  market.

Genetic (molecular)  testing  with high-throughput sequencing platform is a new tool for doctors, which empowers treatment decisions and creates new opportunities for finding right solution for every challenge they face together with their patients.

At the National Laboratory of Genetic, we have created new capacity for Georgian medical society. For 2 years already, we have successfully overcame challenges with introduction, implementation and use of modern diagnostic opportunities utilizing molecular (Genetic/DNA) diagnostics by Next Generation Sequencing technologies.  We are proud of achievements we share with the leading doctors in the field of Reproductive Health in Georgia.

At the conference you will have a chance to hear directly from the brightest minds of modern biotechnology and Genetic Research professionals. Topics discussed will cover all stages of  a family planning. From carrier screening to preimplantation genetic testing and prenatal and postnatal applications. All those options are available at The National Laboratory of Genetics in Georgia, Tbilisi.

We will guide you  through the range of  reproductive health solution, that provides an opportunity for you to positively impact your patients – Families around the world. We want to share our vision of the better  future and make and inspiring impact on the field of the  reproductive health.